Progressively Unnecessary

“A great teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary.” – Thomas Carruthers.

At the Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy, our focus is to teach practical and effective applications for self defense. Of course, everything we do is taught from our core Wing Chun concepts, engaging the student’s body, mind, and spirit.

Students learn to protect themselves in any and all self defense situations. The most meaningful of these are of course based on a student’s own experiences and life. In other words, not only must they be learning a martial art that is practical and effective, this martial art must be applicable in the student’s life.

Unfortunately, as teachers we will not always be by our student’s side. We will not always be able to provide them the exact answer to all the problems they will face. In other words,

Drills, patterns, and technique are not enough.

At the Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy, we do not simply teach techniques and drills. We teach underlying concepts that help a student simplify potential self defense situations, and help foster their own intuition and reactions. This mental development is backed by physical application (drills and simulations) and mental and spiritual drills (reaction training, awareness training, relaxation development).

This approach is designed to cover the gamut spanning:

  1. Physical, Mental, and Spiritual
  2. Theory and Application
  3. Technique and Instinct
  4. Setups and Mess Ups (and how to recover)

So, yes, there is a learning curve in Wing Chun. But once you get over that bump, Wing Chun Kung Fu will be as deep and vast as you need it to be, and will grow as you grow. The art lives on in the next generation…

SiFu James Sasitorn

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