Mr. Alden trained under me routinely from 2004 to 2006 when I left Texas to relocate out of state. He became my Formal Disciple in 2006 . He has learned all the traditional hand forms, weapon forms and wooden man form. From 2006 to 2014 he continued his studies under SiFu James Sasitorn, my SiDai (Younger Kung Fu Brother).  Mr. Alden continues to train with me as travel and time permits and continues expanding his knowledge of art of Wing Chun as I understand and teach it.

His understanding of Wing Chun has the depth I deem necessary to grant him permission to teach what he has learned. I have know Curtis for many years and can state that his dedication, perseverance, loyalty, determination, respect, honesty and integrity are unquestionable in my eyes.

To all who seek Wing Chun Instruction, Curtis Alden will expand and enlighten your understanding of the system.


SiFu Dustan L. Carroll

10 Generation Disciple of the Wing chun Pai


I am been involved in Martial Arts for over 10 years studying various styles: Judo, Tae Kwan Do, Hapkido, Muay Thai and Ju Jitsu. In all that I have studied I have found that Wing Chun provides the most practical and efficient approach to self-defense. Further, SiFu James is an excellent instructor who provides a common sense approach to this art. Anyone interesting in the serious study of martial arts as well as a practical approach to self-defense would do well in Wing Chun.


I have a total of 10 years in the military and spent most of it at Ft. Bragg NC which is the home of Airborne and the Special Forces community. Now I am currently a Sheriff’s Deputy who has worked in the Jail, courthouse security, and patrol. I have been around some very good martial arts instructors and some of the worst. I had the great opportunity to meet Sifu James Sasitorn when he accompanied Sifu Carroll to Illinois. The individuals in attendance had very diverse backgrounds from Police Officers, Military operators, regular Military, Prison guards, and students. All of the individuals also had a very good yet diverse martial arts background (MMA, Tae Kwon Do, Kempo). After the first three hours everyone in attendance agreed that if you really want to learn an art that that will protect you… and you want someone that knows how to teach it, these are the guys to to learn from. They say a true martial artist shouldn’t only know his martial art, but also how to use it. With this being said, Sifu Carroll and Sifu Sasitorn are the real deal and know their art.

Later in the day I had the chance to Chi Sao with Sifu Sasitorn. I am a pretty solid guy being 5’8” weighing 185lbs with Sifu Sasitorn being taller than me and very skinny weighing about 140lbs. Well I ended up being pushed and pulled any which way he wanted me with little to no effort at all. What it all comes down to is this. If you want to learn a real martial art that has no rules nor limits for a real world situation, Sifu Carroll and Sifu Sasitorn are the guys to see.

George D.

I would like to thank my SiFu James Sasitorn for the opportunity to study under him at Wing Chun Boxing Academy and for always being knowledgeable and flexible in our training in the art of Wing Chun. Two years prior to me starting the art of Wing Chun, A very good friend of mine told me of a style of Kung Fu that he had been considering taking and asked me if I would be interested in doing it also.  I told him yes but in the back of my mind I was thinking whatever.  Two years later this same friend came to me and said I found a school that is perfect.  Well after dodging the class for a month my friend went to Wing Chun Boxing Academy without me.  Every week he would tell me I was missing out.  Well being a weapons instructor and Texas certified handgun instructor I didn’t take martial arts hand-to-hand combat seriously.  Working in private security and armored logistics for six plus years I knew what was needed to survive a life-threatening situation.

I would take jabs at my friend that he couldn’t beat me in a fight no matter how much training he had, because martial arts isn’t practical in a self-defense do or die situation.  At the time I believed that in a real life or death situation you could not rely on martial arts training when your fight or flight reflexes kicked in. To prove my point when it was least expected (at the office) I ambushed one of my friends when they were coming around the corner and I received (what I now know is ) a Tan to my hook and a fist to the mouth.  After we laughed about how quick he reacted and how his vision and, reflexes were developing I accepted his invitation to check out the class and I have been going ever since.

The best thing about Wing Chun Boxing Academy is that SiFu believes in application, and we are taught through application.  We don’t just dance and get a cardio workout in.  We really trade punches and kicks. You will take some lumps and you will get some lumps (the two are not the same).  We train hard and for different situations over and over and before you know it subconsciously it’s apart of you.  When I train with the State Troopers they call this muscle memory/ muscle retention. This is where you practice something over and over till you know it so well that your body subconsciously defaults to those actions when you can not afford the time to think about what your doing and your body goes on autopilot. In a life and death situation when you loose your fine motor skills this will save your life and has made me a believer.

We train for real life scenarios.  I have noticed my vision and reflexes have gotten sharper and I love it.  Wing Chun Boxing Academy is real and that is what sets us apart from the rest.  Everyone should come check us out.


I wanted to let you know how much it means to me and how thankful I am that you took the time to show me the techniques (women’s self-defense applications) that I got to practice in class.

I love your class and am so grateful to be taking it.  I’ve thought about taking Wing Chun for years, and finally decided to not rely so heavily on luck and a prayer to get me through questionable situations, and hopefully reduce feeling of fear and powerlessness in those times.

Anyways, thank you so much and you are a really great teacher.


I trained with SiFu Sasitorn for some time while in Houston. For me his teachings were valuable, straight forward and applicable to my situation. You see, I am female, 5′ tall and way about 100 lbs.

After a bad experience where I was choked on the street by a man much larger than me, I asked SiFu Sasitorn to teach me to take care of myself. He certainly gave me tools with which to do so. Have I had a chance to use them? Without going into the details of these unfortunate encounters, the answer is yes and it was effective.

I am grateful to Sifu Sasitorn


When I first signed up for Wing Chun classes with SiFu Sasitorn, I had a narrow goal on what I wanted to “achieve”. I wanted to find an outlet to help deal with my anger. I wanted to learn a method of self defense other than “fighting back, seeing only red”. I also have a pre-existing, chronic pain condition that can be physically debilitating at times and involves serious weakness in my body’s core. So, I wanted to learn a martial art that would work with and through all of my requirements. When I started, I wasn’t sure if I could achieve all of my goals, but after attending classes for about 6 months, I have progressed far beyond my original expectations.

Classes are active and engaging, but individualized: what you put in is what you get out. Questions are always welcomed. The occasional private lesson has also helped me fine tune things I was working on. I have developed more self-awareness and have been learning to unlearn. As my self defense had always been attached to rage, I realized this method was entirely ineffective when learning from SiFu Sasitorn. Simply put, I was using my own strength against myself. With time in the art, I am seeing doors open where they never had before, and I am also finding [understanding] itself actually falling by the wayside in importance when engaging in [doing]. These ‘doors opening’, be they physical, mental, or philosophical have led to the principles of this art finding their way into nearly every aspect of my life.

I actively find my anger disengaged in moments where it used to take over. I feel far more confident in my ability to defend myself. It has employed itself most naturally when needed and I feel more relaxed in tense situations. Occurrences that used to infuriate me now seem laughable. My strength, agility, speed, awareness, and chronic pain have all improved notably. My patience has also increased greatly. I no longer feel I need a list of things to improve on incrementally. As long as I am moving forward, my mindfulness of purpose is fulfilled, whatever it may bring. My time in SiFu Sasitorn’s classes has benefited me intensely. I have gained Wing Chun brothers and sisters, learned and unlearned things where I least expected it, and would never hesitate to call the depth of this art anything less than incredible. I am forever grateful for these insights and to SiFu James Sasitorn. His dedication to his students and the environment that he facilitates as an instructor have been beyond beneficial to my life and experience.

Rob E

Houston, Texas

SiFu James Sasitorn is a great teacher of Wing Chun. His in-depth knowlege of Wing Chun and his understanding of other hard and soft martial arts is valuable in our training with him. He gives valuable individual attention. He teaches his students to be self sustaining, to think for themselves and to verify what they are taught. He works comfortably with male and female students at all levels of martial arts experience and various backgrounds. As with a part of Wing Chun founding philosophy, his students become functionally strong in the art very soon. I am honored to be one of his students and encourage others who are seeking Wing Chun or other martial arts instruction to contact him as soon as you can.

Tom B.
College Station, TX

Wing Chun has taken on a different perspective and taught me many valuable lessons over the past year. When I first joined…excuse me, when SIFU James first accepted me as a student, I was under the impression that I would come in, do this Wing Chun thing and go on with my life. To my surprise and certainly not my expectation, I discovered that if I truly accepted the PHILOSOPHIES of this ART, I couldn’t just “do” WING CHUN, I had to LIVE IT!!!!!!!!!

As a young African American male, growing up on the streets of New York City, I had my fair share of MAJOR FIGHTS either physically, emotionally and/or spiritually. I was exposed to Wing Chun briefly in my 20’s but either I wasn’t ready to accept Wing Chun or vice versa. More than twenty years later, I moved to Houston TX, with the notion to try that “Wing Chun stuff”again, thus I started looking for a school. The first school I contacted was THE WING CHUN BOXING ACADEMY. After observing a class, I knew this was the place for me!!!!! I know now, that contacting and observing a class at the Wing Chun Boxing Academy was merely another YUAN (predestined relationship) in my life.

I recall thinking, here is this slender built ASIAN guy in his 20’s teaching ME, a 300 pound BLACK guy in his 50’s, a TREASURE CHEST OF KNOWLEDGE!!!!!! One of the most arrogant behaviors in life is when we THINK WE KNOW EVERYTHING and then find someone who TEACHES us so MUCH MORE! My SIFU is that TEACHER! I often joke with him about doing a MOVIE with me, where the young gifted SIFU teaches his OLD STUDENT, kinda like a reversed KARATE KID, the art of Wing Chun… movie deals as of yet. My SIFU has provided me TOOLS that I will draw upon, like confidence and a belief in myself and the ability to “FIGHT FOR MY LIFE.”

With infinite THANKS and GRATITUDE for being true to your path and being patient enough to bring this path to students like me. ————— Wayne S.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

First off, I would like to say Thank you to my SiFu for accepting me as your student.

I have had the honor and privilege of training Wing Chun under the tutelage of my SiFu James Sasitorn for about 1and-½ years. Prior to my Wing Chun training, I studied Northern and Southern Shaolin and Fut-San-Hung Sing- Choy Lee Fut (San Francisco, Ca.) Gung Fu. (3yrs)

I served in the United States Marine Corps as an Infantryman and as a Marine Guard overseas in many different countries where I studied different forms of Martial Arts as well as Hand to Hand Combat, Bayonet training as well as basic Knife and Stick fighting in the Philippines. Also I have trained in Riot control and Take down Tactics.

I have NEVER before experienced any thing like the Wing Chun training I have had the privilege and honor of learning as taught by my SiFu! Every time I attend class I am amazed to the knowledge and ability of my SiFu to handle any question or scenario that ANY ONE brings to him.

In no way do I think that I am undefeatable, but I have gone to other Martial Art Schools and felt that they did not have what I was looking for. The so-called Black Belts really could not apply what they knew. I found SiFu Sasitorns’ website, called my SiFu up and said I’d like to come to your class and check it out. I told him that I had prior Kung Fu training and was a former Marine. I don’t know what I said but my SiFu, with out full power, handed me a new one! I have never been hit like that before, especially by someone not as muscular as I have! I had to rethink if this is what I really wanted! After serving In the Marines, and unfortunately being medically retired for injuries suffered while on active duty (2 herniated discs) and all the prior training I already had, do I really want or need this!

I have to say I am very glad that I stuck with it! Not only has my SiFu helped and guided me through my Wing Chun training, my SiFu has also helped and guided me through my personal life any time I have seeked his guidance. Every thing that my SiFu has taught me, has improved my Martial Arts training as well as opened my eyes to true self defense and Applied Wing Chun. My SiFu has also helped me greatly with my back injury.

SiFu, I can’t say Thank You enough for all you have unselfishly given, instilled and guided in me as your student. You have taught me that Wing Chun is LIFE, not just Martial Arts. I only hope that as your student, I can Honor you and show you the Respect I have for you as my SiFu and my friend.

As Proud as I am to be called a Marine, I am Proud and Honored to be under your tutelage as a Wing Chun student.

Humbly, Your student,
George Estrada, Former Marine Corporal 90”-96”, Current Wing Chun Student.

I have trained for three years at the Wing Chun Boxing Acadamy under Sifu James Sasitorn.  I have had the privilage of training with some of the best.  When I first came I thought I was made out of glass.  I had just got my ass kicked by a bigger guy (probably around 230-250lbs) at school and I knew it was just kid shit.  I knew if that was a serious guy who realy wanted to kill me it would have probably been a breeze.  I saw my teacher handling guys twice his size and knew exactly what I wanted to do.  What is the point of training if you can’t handle yourself against someone stronger than you?  After getting through the first three months of shots that knocked me to the floor and took the air out of my lungs I began to take on others easier.  I was able to hurt the big guys and I finally felt like I had a shot in a life or death situation. Without the ass woopin I got and without Sifu James I would never be on the same level as a fighter and as a person that I am today.  I am in deep debt to Sifu James for all the things he has done to my benefit.  This is a serious place and the people that stick around are serious.


Growing up in a tough area of Philadelphia, I have been involved in my fair share of fights. In my experience, the average street fight usually included the standard American boxing stance with a punch-dodge or punch-block exchange. In most cases, those fights ended quickly with some grabbing and maybe an unlucky or unskilled person ending on the ground. My concern in learning a martial art was to learn something practical, something that I could actually use in a fight and walk away having defended myself as necessary.

Within two weeks of studying under SiFu Sasitorn, I had developed skills that I could actually use in a fight. It was amazing how simple and practical the techniques were. The theory of Wing Chun coupled with SiFu’s belief in learning through application was what I had been looking for. Through studying Wing Chun from SiFu Sasitorn, I’ve learned that there are a finite number of forms within the system, but the art form requires constant improvement and refinement from the practitioner. It is an art form that knows no limits. I have also developed a greater appreciation for the eastern culture in general through my study of Wing Chun. I can attest that as a result of my learning the proper formalities of the Wing Chun culture, my personal and professional life has also greatly benefitted. Finally, what has proven to be an unforeseen bonus to my study at the Wing Chun Boxing Academy, is the relationships that I have established at the school. I can truly say that my kung fu brothers and sisters have a special place in my life, and I enjoy pursuing a common goal with each of them. Overall, my experience has been a definite blessing, and I look forward to what my personal Wing Chun path has for me.


Quinon Brooker Esq., MBA

I started learning Wing Chun with Sifu James Sasitorn in August 2009. I’ve spent a good part of my early teens with Tae Kwon Do, I stopped in my Junior year of high school because of a knee injury. I became interested in Wing Chun around 2007, tried two different Wing Chun schools in Houston, didn’t like them, a friend suggested Sifu James Sasitorn, I tried it first night, got hooked, and never looked back. You can’t beat the atmosphere of the school: welcoming, changllenging, fun, comfortable, accommodating, and beneficial. I’ve walked away from schools where I thought, “I paid this much money for that??” Here, you come in on your first night and you’re learning to cover a punch and counter. No shadow boxing or emphasis on forms; you’re paired with a person and you start learning through controlled contact. But the selling point for me is Sifu James Sasitorn’s lineage: Master Yip Man, Sifu Duncan Leung, Sifu Doc Savage, and Sifu James Sasitorn. This is pure Wing Chun, not a McDonald-chain, suburbia, martial art school. I am honored to be part of Wing Chun Boxing Academy and privileged to be taught by Sifu James Sasitorn.


I trained at another wing chun school and was invited to a seminar hosted by Sifu James a few years back. The seminar was led by Sifu Doc Savage and really opened my eyes to what I was missing. I had done some training with James at my old school, but when I felt his hands at the seminar I couldn’t believe the “relaxed power” he had gained. For that matter, his students’ hands were far better than mine. Sifu James accepted me as his student, and I’ve been training with him ever since. Not only have my fighting skills improved, but I’ve put a lot of aches and pains behind me—namely shoulder and knee problems from incorrect form and energy inherited from prior training. James’ understanding of Wing Chun body mechanics and correct energy is remarkable, and his patience in teaching is endless. He’s the real deal, and you’ll very rarely see the type of wing chun taught here at his school. Come check it out for yourself. You will be impressed.


SiFu Sasitorn is my Teacher…even though I’ve now been away from training for nearly a year. Age and injury have combined to present me with some interesting challenges, and training has been problematic, nevertheless, SiFu Sasitorn is my Teacher. My background has been in other disciplines, and I’ve even made significant progress in one discipline, but nothing has yet been as impressive, as encompassing, as Wing Chun – the way it is taught by my Teacher. I do intend to resume my training, knowing full well that I will most likely have to make a new beginning. That’s fine, I know what to expect – the kind of quality that awaits – and, SiFu Sasitorn is my Teacher.
My background has been rather varied…a synopsis follows:

  • 1 year of Jiu-Jitsu training when I was 9 years old
  • on & off training in boxing from my father (former All-Army boxer)
  • 1 year of Kempo training when I was 19 years old
  • 1.5 years training in Tae-Kwon Do – 19-20 years old – Green Belt
  • 1 year White Crane training – 19-20 years old
  • 6 years training in Hapkido – 1st deg. Black, Assistant Instructor, Instructor
  • 12 hours intensive training, Tactical Shooting (handgun)
  • various other forms of shooting (rifle, shotgun, handgun, bow) – 52 years

With all that I’ve learned, I’m still most impressed with the training I’ve received from SiFu Sasitorn. I’ve seen a lot of things…nothing yet has been as effective for short range defensive capability as Wing Chun, as taught by my Teacher.

R Williams

Sifu Sasitorn has taught me so much in so little time. I am no stranger to defending myself, however thanks to Sifu Sasitorn’s teachings I know now the things I did in hopes of defending myself were chaotic to say the least. Sifu Sasitorn has shown me the true meaning of self defense and the art of fighting. Wing Chun Kung Fu is the only external martial art I have ever studied, and Sifu Sasitorn has easily conveyed the principles of Wing Chun in a way that has made the task of application seem like nothing more than a natural progression in my studies. Sifu Sasitorn explains the history and theory behind everything we do, which in turn builds a deeper respect and appreciation for the art beyond self defense. This is not a McDojo, I believe this is as good as it gets for those in search of a TRUE fighting art and ITS APPLICATIONS. Application is always emphasized during class and we are encouraged to envision real life scenarios where we must “fight for our life.” Sifu Sasitorn, I appreciate your tutelage and I hope to learn more from you in the future! Thank You.

Earl Wilson, Esq.