SiFu Curtis Alden – Chief Instructor – Retired 

SiFu James Sasitorn, Founder

SiFu James Sasitorn – Founder

SiFu James Sasitorn began his martial arts training learning Yang style Tai Chi Chuan in 1998. His training quickly branched out to other Kung Fu styles, including Northern Shaolin, Choy Lee Fut, other variations of Tai Chi Chuan, Wing Chun, and also techniques such as iron palm. SiFu James Sasitorn is dedicated to teaching safety, self defense, awareness and physical fitness and has been actively teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu and its applications for self defense since 2006.

As a SiFu (師父, Teacher/Father) in Wing Chun Kung Fu, SiFu Sasitorn teaches his students techniques for self-defense and the underlying concepts and principles behind the techniques. This type of instruction provides students an immediate and practical skill they can use for self-defense, and a foundation for their long-term progress in the art. SiFu Sasitorn believes students must be engaged in their own learning, and adapts his lesson plans in response to students’ performance, questions, and understanding. Instead of a simple right or wrong, SiFu Sasitorn wants students to develop an intuition for Wing Chun and be able to adapt and respond to changing situations. [biography]



DSC_0132      Mario Yang – Co Instructor

Mario Yang began his instruction in Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy-Houston in 2011 has trained until present.