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Wing Chun Poetry

Wing Chun Kung Fu was named after the girl Yim Wing Chun, by her instructor, the Shaolin buddhist nun Ng Mui. People who have heard about Wing Chun understand that it is a martial art developed by these two women over 300 years ago, and is simple and efficient martial art, that can be used to protect you and your loved ones against bigger, stronger, and more powerful attackers.

Typically when people think of Wing Chun they think of Yip Man, Bruce Lee, and the symbols of Wing Chun: the crane and snake, and also the double knives.

Yet, Wing Chun is more than a person, school, or image. It is more than a collection of techniques and concepts. Wing Chun is a martial art, and as with any art, develops creativity, presence of mind, and most importantly, the spirit.

Here is one of the lesser known symbols of Wing Chun, the Wing Chun Poem. It’s meaning is not one of words, but of concepts and ideas, and the spirit. This is true in both English, and the language of its writing, Chinese. The Chinese version is shown below, as well as a rough transliteration of the poem in English. Study the meaning, and share your interpretations of this artful symbol.

SiFu James Sasitorn
Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy, Houston

Sing of the coming plum blossoms,
Heaven’s wonderful way,
Spring engenders peaches and plums,
amazing, fragrant forests.